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FuranFlex Installers London

Victoria Stone are a UK importer, distributor and installer of Furanflex. Furanflex has been established as the best overall chimney and flue lining product in the UK. With an expected lifespan in excess of 100 years and its ability to mould to any shape or size flue.

Furanflex is now being specified as the preferred chimney and flue lining product for an increasing number of large listed, heritage and residential chimney refurbishment projects in London and throughout the Home Counties. 

Furanflex is regularly specified by HVAC consultants and boiler suppliers for the relining of gas and oil central heating flues for large commercial projects. Furanflex has been used to reline the flues and chimneys of many hotels. office buildings. universities and schools both in London and throughout the UK.

To book a free Furanflex lining survey please fill out the contact us form or call us on 0800 6340510. Please visit our Furanflex page in the flue solutions area of our website for further details on this revolutionary chimney lining technology.

FuranFlex For Chimney Lining

Furanflex, a guaranteed chimney restoration solution is a revolutionary chimney and flue lining system specifically engineered to tackle a number of chimney related problems. Not all chimneys are of the same shape or design and sometimes traditional lining methods cannot achieve a suitable uniform integrity. Furanflex has been developed to mould to the shape and size of the flue and can be installed in any diameter and any length without joints in the lining, ensuring it is completely gastight. This award winning Furanflex technology is made from a glass fibre reinforced thermosetting resin composite. This means when installed, Furanflex liners are as strong as steel and also resist corrosion better than stainless steel chimney liners.

Key Advantages Of FuranFlex

  • Can be installed without any demolition being necessary
  • Can be installed in one day
  • Improves boiler and fireplace efficiency and reduces gas consumption
  • Can be installed in a clean work area with minimum disruption
  • Furanflex carries a 25 year guarantee 

Key Features Of FuranFlex

  • Can be used to line any chimney length up to 100m without the need for joints
  • Follows the route and shape of chimneys that are not straight
  • May have a circular, rectangular or oval cross section
  • Can be installed with a variable diameter
  • Is perfectly gas tight

Victoria Stone are a certified UK installer and distributor of Furanflex in direct partnership with the developer and manufacturer, Kompozitor.

Victoria Stone can offer the most cost effective installation solution for Furanflex due to the direct supply of Furanflex from the manufacturer.

Contact us on 0800 6340510 or sales@victoriastone.co.uk for further details