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Domestic Chimney Lining

There are a number of reasons why an old domestic chimney may need lining.

1. The flue is leaking smoke and fumes into other rooms or parts of the building.

2. Condensates or tar are seeping through the chimney walls causing staining, either inside or outside the building (a common problem with wood burning stoves)

3. The flue is much too large for the type of appliance being used.

4 The flue is too cold, particularily if on an outside wall and is not drawing properly.

5. If the chimney was built since 1965, but with the liners fitted the wrong way up, tar and condensate leakage may occur.

6.The old flue surface is eroded and rough, causing frictional resistance to the flow of the gasses resulting in poor updraught.

Victoria Stone offer a free initial survey, following this chimney survey we will make recommendations on the most suitable method of lining your chimney.

Our chimney lining products include flexible stainless steel liners in either 316 or 904 grade steel. For larger diameter flues we recommend Furanflex chimney lining, Furanflex carries a 25 year warranty and has an expected life span in excess of 100 years.

To book a survey by one of our HETAS qualified chimney engineers please call 0800 6340510 or fill out the contact us form. We are able to provide chimney lining quotes by phone or email. We frequently provide quotations for chimney lining from tender documents, drawings or specifications

Victoria Stone carry out chimney lining installations in London and the Home Counties for private residential customers, contractors and commercial flue companies.