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When replacing an old woodburning stove or open fireplace with a new one, you often all of a sudden experience problems with smoke, soot and unpleasant smells ending up in your living room, leaving you with an unpleasant experience. The cause of this is in most cases insufficient natural draught in the chimney.

fan expandedNatural draught develops from the variation in temperature in and outside a chimney, and if the difference in temperature is too small this will mean insufficient draught. Poor draught can be due to the chimney being inadequate, but it is also the result of the fact that a new, energy optimised wood burning stove emits less heat than your old stove.

For years, our houses have become better insulated, more energy efficient, and equipped with alternative ventilation. Combined these factors can cause the natural chimney draught to be inadequate.

Get the full benefit out of your old fireplace with an exodraft chimney fan - People often think it must be something that they are doing wrong when they cannot light the fire. Problems lighting the fire can arise because of incorrect or poor quality fuel, but in most cases, the problems are caused by insufficient chimney draught.

cutaway exodraftAn exodraft chimney fan system consists of a chimney fan combined with a control to regulate the speed, which puts you in control of the chimney draught. The chimney fan is easy to mount on top of the chimney and can be opened for cleaning and maintenance. An exodraft fan is reliable, quiet in operation and built to last for a long time. Exodraft fans tolerate constant temperatures up to 250 ºC.

With an exodraft chimney fan system, you always have control of the chimney draught regardless of weather conditions or other influencing external factors. Since the fire takes hold much quicker, fewer particles escape into the atmosphere, which is for the benefit of both the environment and you.

A 2014 study by a well known danish technological institute shows that a chimney fan removes 80% of the smoke particles that would otherwise end up in your home. The result is a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Advantages of installing an exodraft chimney fan:

  • Exodraft fans tolerate constant temperatures up to 250 ºC.
  • Cleaner combustion and improved fuel economy
  • Healthier indoor climate Fast and easy lighting of the fire
  • No smoke or odours inside your home
  • Prevents condensation in the chimney
  • Eliminates carbon monoxide poisoning accidents
  • Reduces the risk of chimney fires significantly
  • A chimney fan removes 80% of smoke particles